An Example of Value Creation Opportunities within the Parking Sector:

Specializing in the Acquisition and Development of Parking Assets

AREC, as one of its specialties and on behalf of , Inc and its affiliates, seeks:

  • To acquire $100 – $200 million in parking related assets nationwide annually
  • To pursue select acquisitions of parking companies with a portfolio of parking assets
  • To continue expanding our parking platform and business segments to capitalize on emerging opportunities nationwide.

Primary targets include:

  • Urban CBD Garages And Parking Lots In Major Tier 1 Markets
  • Strongest Garages And Parking Lots In Second Tier Cities
  • Existing, New And Proposed Garages
  • Condominium Interest Parking Garages In Mixed-Use Projects
  • On-Airport And Off-Airport Parking Facilities
  • Parking Garages With A Retail Component
  • Municipal And Institutional Parking Assets

AREC can:

  • Be Creative In Funding And Financing Capital Projects;
  • Provide Equity For Necessary Capital Projects And Conserve Bonding Power For Other Capital Needs;
  • Provide Significant Experience In Developing And Managing Parking Assets, Which Will Lead To Cost Savings And Higher Net Returns
  • Accelerate The Delivery Of High Priority Projects;
  • Structure Off Balance Sheet Projects;
  • Substitute Private Resources And Personnel For Constrained Public Resources; And
  • Implement Innovative Technologies And Management Techniques.